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Renewable Energy: Solar Power

WEST is an industry-leading environmental and statistical consulting firm with extensive experience working with renewable energy clients. From initial project site characterization studies to post-construction monitoring, WEST can help clients effectively navigate the complex, ever-changing matrix of federal and state environmental regulations.

WEST staff have an established track record of reasonably grounded solar energy wildlife monitoring plans. Based on WEST’s involvement with large scale solar projects we bring strong insight on agency expectations, and are able to utilize existing available data to support projects, and effectively and efficiently staff projects. Additionally, WEST has provided expert consultation on the statistical design and analysis of field ecology studies resulting in accurate and defensible statistical inferences. This includes the application of a collision risk model to estimate potential impacts of solar flux on golden eagles using site-specific eagle use data; the design and analysis of avian use studies to estimate potential impacts at proposed solar photovoltaic (PV) facilities; and the development of post-construction monitoring studies to estimate fatality rates at PV and concentrated solar facilities including power analysis to determine statistically defensible level of sampling.

Solar Energy Expertise:

  • Field Surveys
  • Species Expertise
  • Compliance Strategies:Habitat Conservation Plans and Bird and Bat Conservation Strategies
  • Mitigation/Compliance/Construction
  • Detection/Deterrent Technologies
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