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Oil & Gas Environmental Support

With our unique combination of ecologists and biometricians, WEST is outstanding in the field of wildlife and natural resource studies. Our team has many years of experience in supporting oil and gas exploration and development projects throughout various states. Our approach and support on mineral development projects remains consistent regardless of whether the client has a single well or full field development. This has included designing studies, collecting data, preparing documents, and consulting with state and federal agencies. While the rigor and scientific principles remain the same, our staff will modify the approach to accommodate the scale and unique aspects of each individual project. Our expertise provides clients with credible, objective, and responsible solutions to natural resource questions and problems.

WEST’s expert biologists and botanists conduct biological surveys or habitat assessments to support agency permitting of oil, gas, and mining projects. WEST staff are knowledgeable of standardized protocols or can develop project specific methods to obtain precise data on the wildlife use of an area proposed for development. Biologists use their vast knowledge to identify potential adverse effects that may occur to individuals or populations and suggest mitigation to minimize these effects.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Habitat Assessments and Mapping
  • Bird and Bat Use Surveys
  • Raptor Nest Searches
  • Large and Small Mammal, Reptile, Bird and Bat Surveys
  • Species ExpertiseThreatened and Endangered Species Studies
  • Wildlife Baseline Studies
  • Environmental Assessments and Environmental Impact Statements
  • Biological Assessments and Biological Evaluations
  • Biological Surveys and Environmental Assessments for Geophysical 3D Seismic Projects
  • Sage-Grouse Core Area DDCT analysis
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