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  • Detection Dog and Target Odors

    Ever wonder how far away a detection dog can pick up on the target odor?

    Here is an actual GPS track that a WEST detection dog walked on a 100 m x 100 m plot at the base of a wind turbine. (They started at the green play symbol and walked toward the red stop symbol.)

    You can see on the first pass that the WEST detection dog detected the odor of a bat carcass almost 50 m away. Good dog! Ask us how WEST dogs can help you with your PCM surveys.

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  • WEST attends Northeast Bat Working Group

    WEST Research Biologist Jason Ritzert is in attendance at the Northeast Bat Working Group (NEBWG) in State College, Pennsylvania this week. NEBWG continues the tradition of bringing together scientists, conservationists, and educators to support bat research, management, and conservation located in the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Virginia area regions.

    More information about NEBWG and this conference can be found here:

  • WEST is Hiring: Project Coordinator

    WEST is seeking a Project Coordinator in our Calgary, Alberta office. The successful candidate will have experience supporting a variety of projects from simple to complex activities and will support one or more Project Managers and other WEST staff to keep project-related processes running smoothly.

    To learn more about this opportunity or to apply, please visit:

  • WEST is Hiring: Wildlife Field Technician

    WEST is seeking a Wildlife Field Technician in Calgary, Alberta. The successful candidate will conduct a variety of wildlife surveys, monitor bird and bat fatalities at operating renewable energy facilities, summarize and enter data, have good identification skills for avian species, and must be legally allowed to work in Canada.

    For more information about this opportunity or to apply, please visit:

  • WEST Publication: Protocol for Monitoring Eagle Fatalities at Wind Energy Facilities

    WEST Research Biologist Eric Hallingstad and Research Biometricians Paul Rabie and Andrew Telander are co-authors on the joint publication with Avangrid Renewables, LLC, Jerry Roppe and Laura Nagy, “Developing an efficient protocol for monitoring eagle fatalities at wind energy facilities”. The research article was published in the Public Library of Science and can be viewed here:

  • WEST in the Community

    WEST ULC’s Nick Bartok received the Alberta Society of Professional Biologists Volunteer of the Year Award aptly named the Flagship Award which is based upon the definition of a Flagship Species or someone who acts as an ambassador, icon, or symbol for the organization and has a charismatic character. Also awarded was Nick’s friend and colleague Charles MacMichael. Congratulations Nick!

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  • WEST is Hiring - Project Manager/Biologist

    WEST is seeking a Project Manager and Biologist in our Houston, Texas office. The successful candidate will have experience and expertise in environmental consulting and wildlife biology and will be responsible for managing wildlife studies within the TX-OK region, including designing and leading pre-construction surveys and post-construction fatality monitoring for wind energy projects.

    To apply or for more information, please visit:

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  • WEST Dog Detection Program Pupdate

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  • WEST attends NWCC

    Come see WEST at the National Wind Coordinating Collaborative (NWCC) in Saint Paul, Minnesota!

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